Americans on Trade and Immigrants

Americans are very polarized in how they view trade, with Republicans now strongly against it and Democrats slightly for it. Americans are also muddled on immigrants, with big partisan differences on the impact of immigrants on the job markets in the US. But, relatively strong support from both parties for long-term and high-skilled immigrants. Poll Read more

Americans trust the government

Americans like gun control measures. Americans also trust private business more than government to be efficient, but are nuanced on what they actually trust private business to do. Poll was run by PredictWise with Pollfish on March 20, 2017. 87 percent of American support “federal laws to make it more difficult for the mentally ill Read more

Ignorance on Immigration

There is a lot of interest in how much fake news people are absorbing, but we are a lot more concerned about how much real news people are not absorbing. Stemming both undocumented and legal immigration is a major part of President Trump’s platform, so it is unsurprising that the vast majority of Americans think Read more

Americans worry about wrong thing

There are three key facts about the integrity of American elections: (1) any voter fraud that occurs is negligible (2) voter suppression, for example through longer lines for minority or younger voters, might be a real factor. (3) Public opinion has it exactly reversed: Americans, including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats, are concerned Read more

Will Trump finish first term?

See article in Buzzfeed … A good chunk of Americans believe that President Trump either does not finish his first term or will not be the Republican nominee in 2020. And, almost every other American would prefer Vice-President Mike Pence to be president instead right now. But, while an insane quarter of Americans profess to talk Read more

Voters support cutting regulations in abstract not reality

Americans state that they support the concept of the Republican and Trump economic policies on cutting taxes and regulations, but they do not actually support cutting taxes and regulations. They are overwhelmingly opposed to cutting corporate income tax and overwhelmingly favor tax increase for higher income. Further there is strong support for maintaining both financial Read more

Lock Her Up

Americans like investigations into all kinds of things, from unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud to claims of Obama wiretapping the Trump campaign to Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. But, all things Russia are especially concerning to Americans: There is overwhelming bi-partisan support for investigations into both the Russian hacking of the DNC and the relationship Read more

Rowling Dominates Trump in Scotland

In a bid to limit protests, President Trump’s October visit to the United Kingdom is going to be moved from England to Scotland. Which begs the question: what do the people of Scotland think of Trump, well known there as a developer of golf courses (and builder of walls) before he became President of the Read more

Goldman Sachs not that well known for boogieman

This follows a Buzzfeed post on the finding that "A Surprising Number Of People Say They Have An Opinion About Betsy DeVos In This New Poll" Republicans like Sweden, but are lot less favorable to it than Democrats. Political boogieman, but perpetual power broker, Goldman Sachs has a negative favorability, but not excessively so. Trump was Read more

Globalization good for USA, but bad for me

A strong plurality of Americans believe that globalization has sidelined them, but has been good for the US economy overall. So, how do they react? They want the government to help them out: massive majorities of Americans believe the government should make college tuition-free and provide healthcare to all people. At the same time they Read more