Rowling Dominates Trump in Scotland

In a bid to limit protests, President Trump’s October visit to the United Kingdom is going to be moved from England to Scotland. Which begs the question: what do the people of Scotland think of Trump, well known there as a developer of golf courses (and builder of walls) before he became President of the Read more

Goldman Sachs not that well known for boogieman

This follows a Buzzfeed post on the finding that "A Surprising Number Of People Say They Have An Opinion About Betsy DeVos In This New Poll" Republicans like Sweden, but are lot less favorable to it than Democrats. Political boogieman, but perpetual power broker, Goldman Sachs has a negative favorability, but not excessively so. Trump was Read more

Globalization good for USA, but bad for me

A strong plurality of Americans believe that globalization has sidelined them, but has been good for the US economy overall. So, how do they react? They want the government to help them out: massive majorities of Americans believe the government should make college tuition-free and provide healthcare to all people. At the same time they Read more

Obamacare surge is about knowledge

52 percent to 43 percent Americans support the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). When we did the same poll three months ago, it was 44 percent support and 49 percent opposition. We saw no substantial change to the support for the underlying components of Obamacare: coverage for pre-existing conditions, coverage for kids up to 26 Read more

Oscars 2017

OK – make that 17 for 24 … just as predicted! 18 for 24. Not bad. Had me worried, but data worked out. Off to bed! One left! Now 17 of 23. Expected 17 with initial probabilities pretty low this year, but hoping to round up to 18. Would be a great comeback for the Read more

Buzzfeed: Trust and Competence

New Buzzfeed post. Most "viral" takeaways? 1) Should people be able to freely criticize the president: citizens (81 percent), press (71 percent), federal government employees (62 percent), legal immigrants (50 percent). Democrats are much more likely to believe and any given group can freely criticize the president. They run from 90 percent (citizens) to 85 Read more


We are happy to launch a new partnership with Buzzfeed with two article from last week: What Americans Mean When They Talk About "Populism". Buzzfeed February 17, 2017. This Poll Shows A Lot Of Republicans Like Ivanka — And So Do 22% Of Democrats. Buzzfeed February 16, 2017.

Methods for Custom Polling

We generally measured public opinion using Random Device Engagement (RDE). RDE means targeting Ad IDs, device identifiers, randomly on the platform unique users behind the Ad ID spend their time.  That is to say, we reach potential respondents where they spend time organically: when they engage in their quotidian tasks at home, get information at home, Read more

Cost and Benefits of Immigration/Refugee/Travel Bans

In the next few days President Trump is likely to revise his Immigration/Refugee/Travel Executive Order (EO), because the judiciary has halted it. Or, he could appeal to the Supreme Court, but either way, he will keep fighting for some form of a ban. The original EO did three things: banned immigration from seven predominately Muslim Read more

More thoughts on public opinion and Muslim/Refugee ban

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, President Trump bragged on Twitter that the “Immigration Ban is One of Trump’s Most Popular Orders So Far”: 55 percent Approve, 38 percent Disapprove, and 8 percent Don’t Know/No Opinion. Of course, Trump cherry picked the most favorable poll for his Executive Order (EO); Huffington Post’s Pollster listed eight polls Read more