Audience Technology for the 21st century

Misinformation has a Republican bias. The question is: why?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOP misinformation campaign -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Republicans and president Trump have been engaging in full-blown misinformation campaigns for years now – everything from crowd-sizes at Trump speeches to [] illegal immigrants voting [https

The Atlantic's The Geography of Partisan Prejudice: Method Addendum

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Identifying the most and least politically tolerant county in the US – PredictWise analytics and reporting by The Atlantic -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today, The Atlantic published a story identifying the least and most politically tolerant counties in the US and along the way ranking every county

Calibrated polling: Post-Mortem

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PredictWise Calibrated Polling explained -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Late in the cycle, we introduced a new method we dubbedPredictWise Calibrated Polling [].As a brief reminder, this is Calibrated Polling: As we have maintained through the cycle, estimating who people

Three late polls, and more lofty thoughts

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three late breaking polls -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have launched three late-breaking polls into interesting and critical races, Nevada Senate, Texas Senate and CA-22 – all polls make use of our newly developed method, Calibrated Polling [], making use of

PredictWise Calibrated Polling

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Horse Race with PredictWise methodology -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you have seen elsewhere,PredictWise’s []track record when it comes to horse race predictions is, to say the least, very good []. In general, there is

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