Democrats are wondering where to go after Trump on: appropriateness, competence, corruption, and work ethic. The answer is that people are evenly divided on these topics. Republicans support him and Democrats oppose him. Yet, there are some key points.

Poll was run by PredictWise with Pollfish on May 22, 2017.

1) Biggest difference is on appropriateness, where about 50 percent of population does not think he is appropriate, about 10 percentage points more than those who think he is appropriate. Everything else is evenly divided.


2) When you break up the answers into “strong” and “weak” the strong negative responses are larger than strong positive responses, for most questions. Even though people are evenly divided on competence, 8 percentage points more think strongly that he is incompetent. Weak answers that conform to the party identification could mean that some in that group are just answering as they should, but not how they truly feel.


3) Do not think about this on average. There will never be a majority of Republicans that think that Trump is inappropriate, corrupt, incompetent, or does not have a strong work ethic. But, movements on the margins, where 30 or 40 percent think so, would be massive. And, similarly when 15 or 20 percent think so strongly.

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The PredictWise and Pollfish survey received responses from 1,200 people on May 22 through online and in-app polling methods. We do not report margin of error because we do not believe it can be accurately estimated.

Tobias Konitzer is a PhD candidate in communication at Stanford University. Find him on Twitter @KonitzerTobias.
Sam Corbett-Davies is a PhD candidate at Stanford University in computer science. Find him on Twitter @SCorbettDavies.
David Rothschild is an economist at Microsoft Research. Find him on Twitter @DavMicRot.