On Monday, January 29 we ran a poll on climate change.  The poll was run on 1,200 random respondents from Pollfish‘s app-based audience. Methods: blog and academic paper. Here are a few key findings.


Americans believe that climate change is something that is happening and that it is caused by humans. This generally conforms with many publicly available polls.

What interests me is the trade-off’s associated with addressing climate change. Americans want the US to take a leadership role in international agreements aimed towards addressing climate change. This harks back to President Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Accords (only country in the world!). Of course, this is relatively costless. What about the real tradeoffs?


“How do you feel about increased government spending and regulations addressing climate change, even if it reduced economic activity?” There is a split with Democrats in favor of this trade-off and Republicans basically neutral. Independents were heavily into deferring on this question. But, the government is always taking sides. President Trump has proposed at 72 percent reduction in subsidies for research into renewable energy. While, at the same, expanding oil and gas exploration that, in many ways, is subsidized by the federal government in the form of cheap access, and disaster relief. 67 percent of Americans favor subsidizing the development of renewable energy relative to just to 21 percent who want the US to subsidize oil and gas exploration.