2016 Golden Globes – Predictions

Please bookmark http://twopointoh.predictwise.com/entertainment/2016-golden-globes/ for updating probabilities during tonight's Golden Globes. Below is the prediction market-based predictions – in this case derived completely from Betfair data. Compared with the Oscars there is a lot more uncertainty. The reason is obvious, by the time we get to the Oscars we have already seen all of the other Read more

State of election markets: 310 Days

Welcome to 2016! The Republican primary was reasonably quiet again this week, as we finally entered the actual year of 2016. Polling front-runner Donald Trump continued to vow that he would invest more money into television advertisement. Market front-runner Marco Rubio managed to stay out of the news for another week. Look for serious movement Read more

State of election markets: 324 Days

There was some meaningful movement in the Republican primary this week as (market) front-runner Marco Rubio failed to consolidate support for yet another week and (market) second-place Ted Cruz continued to gain in the polls Iowa, the crucial test of the non-establishment. Meanwhile, Republican (polling) front-runner Donald Trump held somewhat steady, but fell into third Read more