I will block two types of tweeters, people who send: (1) death threats and (2) Irrelevant, ad hominem, antisemitic attacks. I still believe that Twitter can be used to talk with people with different view. As people as ask me questions about things I have written, I try to reply and engage. Hopefully, blocking a few people can help clean up the clutter!

(1) Death threats (no matter how loosely stated). Death threats from anonymous accounts are one thing, but I will never stop being amazed at death threats from people using real sounding names with real looking pictures. You would expect “Deplorable me!” to go around saying mean things, but “Karen Griffin” looks like a normal person, who just happens to send random people death threats.


(2) Irrelevant, ad hominem, antisemitic attacks. I am fine with relevant ad hominem attacks; if there is something about me that may bias or other influence my opinion that makes sense to engage. For example, maybe there is a concern about how being an economist may affect my answer. And, relevant ad hominem are just part of the game. Too many to bother blocking. But, I assume antisemitic attacks are just boring for people who read my tweet streams. Most antisemitic attack center on some theme of international Jewish banking power. I am not a banker, and to the best of my knowledge, no one in my family has ever been a banker. There are certainty bankers with the same last name as me, but I assume that that is the case for a lot of people! And, even if I were a banker, or people in my family worked in banking, it is just a boring distraction to hear too much about people’s antisemitic fever dreams.

For many antisemites it is a clearly a game to get Jews to respond to antisemitic attacks. They get really excited if/when anyone calls them an antisemite, and they can pretend to be really shocked! Many will say they are not talking about all Jews, just a set of Jewish bankers. To these antisemites who legitimately feel bad when I call them out: I am NOT sorry it makes you feel bad for me to tell you that you are antisemite. If you don’t want to be called an antisemite, stop attacking random people on the internet because their name triggers your antisemitic fever dreams.

More signs you may be an antisemite: (1) you send random ad-hominem attacks on Jews about some conspiracy theory you ascribe to about Jews (as noted above). (2) you randomly bring up Israel, when it has nothing to do with the conversation. I am an American. It is like attacking Polish-Americans about something Romania did: it is that ridiculous. (3) You send memes of Jews being killed or otherwise unfavorable characteristics

Some examples of recent Tweets at me that are not very relevant or interesting:

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