Trade Benefits Both Sides

President Trump is going to fail in any trade negotiations because he is a terrible negotiator. But, even more important in this case, he literally does not understand trade, which makes it very hard to do well in a negotiation. Trump is a bad negotiator. He failed miserably when he tried to negotiate a deal Read more

Polling: Assisted Crowd Sourcing (Part 3 of 4)

This is the third piece of our series, Evolution of Polling Samples from RDD to RDE In part 1: we describe a polling industry that is ripe for transformation as Random Digit Dialing (RDD) becomes increasingly tenuous. In part 2: we discuss issues involved with online panels which are increasingly replacing RDD. In part 4: we introduce Read more

Messaging versus Targeting

Cambridge Analytica's external validation is a PNAS paper by Matz et al. that Dean Eckles, Bertt Gordon, and Garrett Johnson (Eckles et al.) just showed is NOT valid in letter to PNAS (yes, that is how science is done, with a letter to the same journal that published the original!). Crazy thing is that Eckles et al. did not even get Read more

Pro-Life Platform: More Abortions, More Maternal Death, Hurt Children

The media is too willing to report what people say their policies will do, rather than what their policies actually do. One clear example is so-called-Pro-Life policies. The "pro-life" policies will, without question: increase the number of abortions, increase the rate of maternal mortality, and decrease the health of children. 1) Abstinence only education increases amount Read more

Russia Collusion

Every day people (i.e., trolls) tweet at me about how President Trump did not collude with and/or is not compromised to Russia (and/or another foreign power). Reminding everyone of the overwhelming amount of evidence of the relationship between Team Trump and Russia is boring, but important. So, here is a post that I will keep Read more

Racial Resentment

In the next few weeks we will start rolling out access to a large database of projections we have been compiling: 200+ questions, monthly, modeled to 1,000+ demographic combinations, at all 435 house districts, 50 states, 1 nation. Included in this is 10 "value-frame" or psychometrics (along with 11 issues clusters, 2 economic clusters, approval, vote choices, Read more

The Democratic Party has a Messaging Problem

When the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) was signed into law, on March 23, 2010, Democrats had ostensibly mastered a difficult task – pass a massive domestic spending bill, pushing the bounds of progressive legislation, that was at odds with public opinion. It was unpopular with Republican voters who chaffed at the Essential Benefits requirement Read more

Wikileaks Get Antisemetic

I am very accustom to people tweeting antisemitic things to me. From direct death threats referencing the Holocaust to casual references to power, money, banking. As this is not very interesting, I generally just block antisemites (if I see it) and move onward. But, I was a bit surprised to be trolled by Wikileaks, dropping Read more

Congressional Polling Nearly Perfect

We have run and released polling for three of the special Congressional elections in 2017-2018. Most recently we had the Republican candidate winning Arizona's 8th Congressional District by 6 percentage points: she won by 5.2 percentage points (i.e., we were off by 0.8 percentage points). Early in 2018 we had the Democratic candidate winning Pennsylvania's 18th Read more