Could not help myself, so my future reference I made a quick list of how Nate Silver is a really great data journalist and publisher, but a really bad pundit and not a progressive. My best guess is that he a moderate, possibly right-of-center on policy, who is who just has a really bad understanding of politics? Or, he is a right-winger who spent years cultivating the trust of progressives, to use that power against them? Or, he is just a publisher trying to make right-wingers feel good about consuming his product? Some examples of very unfortunate public positions:

1) Nate Fought Against Boycotting White Supremacists on TV: Despite Nate’s advice, these boycotts proved quite effective in making White Supremacists less profitable and de-legitimizing their platform (Fox News!) and positions. But, easy to see how boycotts over political positions would spook the publisher of a politically oriented company. (relevant tweet).

2) Nate Fights for More Horse-Race Coverage: He continuously argues for more horse-race oriented coverage of elections. This would be great for his business, but terrible for democracy and Democrats. Normatively we want an informed electorate, and Democrats benefit from debates of substance around policy and suffer in a horse-race coverage that implicitly creates false legitimacy for Republicans.

3) Nate is against Impeachment Hearings (early): He argued against Democrats holding President Trump accountable for crimes, for having public decide in elections. This would be terrible for our Constitution, but also bad advice for Democrats who want to investigate and expose Republican crimes against US. (relevant tweet).

4) Nate is Pro-Howard Schultz: He argued for Howard Schultz’ independent run for president, claiming he may actually help Democrats which is just absurd. (relevant tweet).

5) Nate is Pro-Filibuster: He argued that Democrats should disingenuously support the filibuster than destroy it in power. (relevant tweet).

6) Nate is Pro-Liars on TV: He argued for putting President Trump, and other known liars, on TV and fact-checking them. This does not work. (relevant tweet).

7) Nate is against Impeachment Hearings (late): He argued that the Democrats should hold on impeachment even after Ukraine scandal broke, because it would hurt them. He was proven wrong within minutes. (relevant tweet).

8) Nate is wants everyone to praise Trump for killing ISIS leader: Raid was successful despite President Trump. (relevant tweet).

9) Nate is all in for Joe Biden: He makes srawman attacks on anyone who discounts the possibility that Biden will be the nominee. He may be the nominee, but he is not the front-runner. Biden’s issue is not policy, but age, competency, etc. (relevant tweet).