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8:45 PM ET: Reminder, aggregated national polls: Clinton huge pre-Tape/Debate lead: +6.1% @pollster / +4.6 @RealClearNews W/o tape Trump needed homerun.

8:10 PM ET: Remember two weeks ago when @KellyannePolls tried to laugh off Trump’s twitter invitation of Jennifer Flowers to first debate?

8:00 PM ET: If you are reading this, you are not target of this debate: third party supporters, marginal likely voters, and the few undecided voters.

7:55 PM ET: It is worth reminding everyone that control of the Supreme Court is 100% correlated with the winner of the presidential election.

7:50 PM ET: Pre-Trump Presser/Debate (1) Clinton was up historically big Friday (2) Clinton now 87% after huge post-tape bump


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