We ran a poll in the hours after the Inauguration and nothing in it will surprise you at all. But, it is amazing to see not just the divide in sentiment and expectation, but how Trump and Clinton voters live in a different reality.

Trump voters think the economy got worse under Obama, while Clinton voters think it got better. Only 17 percent of Trump voters to 87 percent of Clinton voters think the US economy improved under Obama. While wage growth was sluggish, job growth and unemployed improved dramatically under Obama. 96 percent of Trump voters think the economy will improve under Trump, with just 13 percent of Clinton voters. Of course, this will be easy, in that Trump voters think the economy¬†was heading downward under Obama, making it relatively easy to improve over that, while Clinton voters believe the economy has been doing well, making it harder to sustain or surpass Obama’s growth. There is similar divides on personal financial situations.


One question that really interested me was “How will the press be affected by Trump’s presidency?” 31 percent of the Trump voters through more free, with just 11 percent of Clinton voters. But, while Trump voters were very stingy on negative expectations of the Trump presidency, 23 percent thought press would be less free (with 61 percent of Clinton voters). It is possible that some Trump voters consider that good, as¬†Trump and his supporters have questioned the place of a free press in the democratic process. I will monitor this space closely.