11:35 PM: Media seems to think it is controversial, but overwhelming support for increased taxes on income over $250,000 pollingreport.com/budget.htm #DNC

11:31 PM: Markets trending upwards for Clinton. Current value 69% approaching pre-#RNC value. Will see it settle over the next few hours. #DNCinPHL

11:09 PM: Debt free is nice idea, but graduation rate 60% over 6 years. College is a particularly bad investment if you do not graduate #DNCinPHL

11:04 PM: “And, I believe in science.” Hillary Clinton. Apparently that is a major policy debate between the two major parties in the USA. #DNCinPHL

10:58 PM: So much minutia, sometimes we forget: “The first time a major party has nominated a woman for president.” Hillary Clinton #DNCinPHL

10:51 PM: If Clinton wins, Bill & Hillary will not be first to move back into White House; Democrat Grover Cleveland was 22 and 2

10:15 PM: Key differences between Chelsea v. Ivanka speech (1) about a mom v. generic mentor (2) about policies candidate actually supports #DNCinPHL

10:07 PM: First 2 minutes of Chelsea’s speech more personal than the entire #RNCinCLE. #DNCinPHL

9:58 PM: In case Trump does not have copy, Khizr Khan (son, Captain Humayun Khan, died fighting for US) offers his pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/Co… #DNCinPHL

9:27 PM: As stage of generals and admirals endorse Clinton, Trump is simultaneously endorsing water boarding. #DNCinPHL

9:13 PM: Re-upping earlier tweet twitter.com/DavMicRot/stat… Russia/Trump entanglement really blunts GOP argument about Clinton & classified data

9:09 PM: Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is a lot bigger than the podium #DNCinPHL (and witty and profound)

8:42 PM: Trump “will focus on making quality childcare affordable and accessible for all” -Invanka; his site still no detail pic.twitter.com/FZwOftul2s

8:37 PM: Doug Elmets (former Regan official) “Donald Trump you are no Ronald Reagan” just got huuge cheer #DNCinPHL

8:35 PM: Not sure how well MI Governor Jennifer Granholm’s speech will play with swing voters in swing sates, but certainty fun to watch #DNCinPHL