7:40 PM ET: Clinton 90% after 7:30 PM closing. Clinton is closing up her firewall. Remember, she does NOT need Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio. Basically, everything is playing out as expected.


6:30 PM ET: Clinton moves up slightly on good turnout numbers in Florida and confidence in New Hampshire. Concern over Michigan for Clinton is somewhat small so far, but definitely something to keep an eye on. Missouri senate shoots to 50% keeping the senate very tight.




4:45 PM ET: Clinton 90% President and Democrats 67% Senate is the same as 2 hours ago. Turnout looks good and that should be a good sign for the Democrats. Over 50% on PredictIt that turnout beats 140 million, where the previous high was 131 million. VoteCastr is certainly click-bait today, but they gave way too little documentation. From what I see there are two key problems: (1) they tossed early votes they could not match to people, which could be asymmetric (i.e., maybe all of the people they could not match were Hispanics which would hurt Clinton or maybe they were all white men which would hurt Trump). (2) they are assuming uniform voting during the day, but Democrats tend to vote later. Otherwise, I also am I unsure of how they did the pre-Election Day polling, they gave no details! Due to an intense Twitter, email, and comment campaign, I have added LA and KY into the Senate chart. Sorry about that, was just trying to keep the board tight!



2:45 PM ET: Not much new information, but most states are slowly drifting upwards for Clinton. Comfortable saying the firewall is now 278 electoral votes strong, with 270 needed to win. And, Florida and North Carolina are a pretty strong insurance policy. Clinton at 90 percent. Updating every 2-3 minutes here!



11:45 AM ET: Updated charts. Not much movement, Clinton 89% for President and Democrats 68% for Senate.



8:45 AM ET: I am going to use this space to update all day and all night. The data will update in real-time, as always, on the main election page. But, I will use this spot for periodic updates as the day progresses, and, of course, update this big board as results evolve.