On the eve of Election Day Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is 89 percent to defeat Republican nominee Donald Trump. Clinton is 94% in CO, NV, and PA, whose combined Electoral Votes bring her to 274. She has insurance in NH 87%, FL 77%, NC 64%, and OH 33%. Any of which she has a great chance of winning, but does not need to win. To put this in perspective on the eve of their elections: Obama 2012 68%, Obama 2008 91%, and Bush 2004 55%.

The Democrats are 67 percent to win the senate, but a lot of hinges on the presidential election, as there is a 24% likelihood of a 50/50 tie. The most likely outcome for the senate. Finally, I will highlight one governors race, in North Carolina, McCrory (R) is just 40% to hold on to his position.