There are more interesting gubernatorial elections than senatorial elections. While the immediate national stakes do not seem as high, that is a misconception in many ways. Governors such at Wisconsin’s Scott Walker (R) is one of the most influential people in the country advocating for breaking unions,  Maine’s Paul LePage (R) is not that far behind, Kansas’ Sam Brownback (R) is the poster-child for step tax cuts and austerity (which is not going well), and Florida’s Rick Scott (R) gained fame for drug testing the poor. In Arizona they are fighting over a legacy of controversial immigration policies and Georgia’s Jason Carter (D) is Jimmy’s grandson!

The most interesting races feature these influential people: GA, FL, AZ, WI, CT, ME, and KS are the core elections. I will start with ones that lean Republican. In Georgia Jason Carter is 24% to unseat Nathan Deal (R), best known nationally for Guns Everywhere Law … which Jason Carter also voter for in the state senate. The Florida election is between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist (D) the former Republican governor, who switched over in 2012. The Arizona election between Doug Ducey (R) and Fred DuVal (D) will indubitably turn on the controversial legacy of Jan Brewer (R). Wisconsin is all about Scott Walker who broke the unions and passed very harsh voting restrictions. Connecticut features incumbent Dan Malloy (D) against Thomas Foley (R). The first one that leans Democratic is Maine with Paul LePage on the ropes against Mike Michaud (D). Finally, in Kansas Sam Brownback is losing to Paul Davis (D), which would be a huge upset for both Kansas and the austerity measures that Brownback pushed as governor.

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