Every day that Governor Christie of New Jersey flirts with federal office his likelihood of winning reelection is diminished. In recent months he has become agnostic on teaching evolution, he vetoed state funding for family planning and he has pulled state money out of projects designed to remediate the impact of global warming, even though has previously admitted that climate change is a real problem associated with human activity. All of these are going to hurt him when he runs for reelection, but if he stops flirting with the national Republican Party now, he still has a chance at reelection.

Every day that Christie focuses on New Jersey his likelihood of winning a federal office is diminished. He is a Republican in a Democratic state. He cannot make the policy that wins affection in New Jersey and stay friends with the national Republican Party.

He has a choice to make and my advice is to make that choice soon. The longer he tries to be Governor of New Jersey and viable federal office Republican the less likely he is to succeed at either of them!

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