We are very excited to introduce to you a new feature of PredictWise, called WiseQ Game. WiseQ Game – Elections 2012 is the first of a series of games that will allow you to place your own predictions on politics and economic indicators. Over the next few months the selection will expand to entertainment, sports, and finance. We have created this game for our users for a few reasons:

PredictWise is dedicated to providing the most accurate and meaningful predictions possible, on a real-time updating basis. We hope that these games will delight our readers and provide us with a new source as well that will let us both improve and expand on our predictions.

1) You follow predictions and we want to give you an opportunity to “comment” in the most interesting and meaningful way possible. Go into the game and wager that the current odds should be higher or lower for a particular event! Can our readers “beat” our aggregated predictions?

Click Here to Play!

2) We spend a lot of time aggregating the available data in the world, but we see limits to that data. This project will provide us with new a data source that will allow us to create even more accurate and meaningful predictions.

3) We also follow markets and prediction games closely, and we are really excited about some of the market design innovations we have created including simple front-end wizards for making predictions and really complicated back-end market makers to keep track of all of the predictions.

Good luck!!!