Americans like investigations into all kinds of things, from unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud to claims of Obama wiretapping the Trump campaign to Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. But, all things Russia are especially concerning to Americans: There is overwhelming bi-partisan support for investigations into both the Russian hacking of the DNC and the relationship between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Poll was run by PredictWise with Pollfish on March 6, 2017

56 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of Republicans favor appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s claim of widespread voter fraud in the last election (61 percent of all Americans). Republicans have been consistently pushing this issue, but scientific evidence for voter fraud is non-existent. It is true that “there are massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote,”, as White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller stated recently, but research shows convincingly that registration does not trickle down to illegal voting. In short, Republicans have convinced a good number of Democrats that this is an issue, even though all evidence speaks to the contrary.

On the issue of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s claim of Obama wiretapping the Trump campaign, we see a bigger partisan divide. This repeatedly debunked accusation gets 40 percent support of Democrats and 72 percent of Republicans, and 54 percent support overall.


Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server is still a relevant issue for many Americans. The vast majority of Republicans, 85 percent, support appointing a special prosecutor to investigate just that, and even 34 of Democrats do (58 overall).


On the issue of Russian meddling with the US election and contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, the majority of Americans are very concerned. 72 percent overall, and 79 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of Republicans, clear majorities, favor appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Russian hacking into DNC and election-related propaganda, and 83 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of Republicans favor appointing a special prosecutor to investigate contacts between Trump campaign and Russia (68 percent overall).


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The PredictWise and Pollfish survey received responses from 1,200 people on March 6, 2017 through online and in-app polling methods. We do not report margin of error because we do not believe it can be accurately estimated.

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