All primaries through March 15 updated here.

On March 5-6 there will be five Republican primary contests. As of 9 PM ET on Thursday, March 3 (right as the GOP debate starts) Donald Trump is leading in Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine. Marco Rubio is leading in Puerto Rico and Ted Cruz is leading in Kansas.

Trump is looking stronger on Tuesday, March 8 when he is favored (slightly) in Hawaii, but heavily favored in Michigan, Mississippi, and Idaho. And, while it is early, Trump looks good on March 15 with leads in all states, but Ohio, where he is in a tough fight with John Kasich. That includes Rubio’s home state of Florida!

The Democratic side has only four primary contests over the weekend with Bernie Sanders leading in Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine. Hillary Clinton is expected to take Louisiana.

In case you were wondering how Clinton is 96% to win nomination, while Clinton may have a bad weekend, she is expected to sweep on March 8 in Michigan and Mississippi. And, then again on March 15 in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio.