I am a political junkie and I have never read a political party platform. So, I assume almost no one does. No one asked me, but if I ran the Democratic Party I would proposed a very short platform that every single American could learn: It could fit on five tweets. It would include actual policy proposals that are both extremely good and popular. That way it would be believable, meaningful, and hold Democrats responsible for things they can actually do when they are back in power. Because it would be short, it would not mention hundreds of important things. Exclusion of something does not mean Democrats do not care about that thing, but that it will not be central to the campaign that needs to grab both disaffected Democrats and moderate voters. A short platform forces opponents to confront these issues. With a long platform opponent could pick-and-choose what to debate.

1) Any American should have the option to buy Medicare. This compares favorably with the Republican plan of sabotaging the market of healthcare and making it un-affordable for anyone with preexisting conditions to buy insurance.


2) Spend $1 trillion on infrastructure and STEM research/training over the next five years to modernize our workforce. Offset this cost by clawing back the massive corporate/wealthy tax cuts from 2017.

3) Require all guns to be registered, all gun users to be licensed (and get liability insurance), and ban large magazines clips. Basically, treat guns like cars.


4) Create path to citizenship for all Dreamers, permanent legal status for all parents of Dreamers, and shift to a slightly more skill-based legal immigration path with no reduction in numbers. Create pathways for more short-term labor for unskilled workers.


5) Investigate massive corruption and cruelty of the Trump administration, even after people have left office. Expose and punish people to full extent of the law.

Key think I am struggling with is where to add the Supreme Court that has gutted: workers’ rights, voting rights, and Muslim rights this year, and is poised to go after women’s rights next. Followed by LGBT rights if the Republicans get one more seat. Key solutions to many of these are Constitutional. But, I would encourage Democrats to do something like mandatory early voting for two weeks, anywhere in a county, for mid-term and presidential elections. That being said, the Republican Supreme Court will probably invalidate it.