Our real-time updating probabilities for all of the series and all of the games is up and running … The four 1 and 2 seeds have all reached the round 8 and are still the most likely to advance to the conference finals, but not all of them are overwhelming favorites. In expectation we expect 3 of 4 of the top seeds to advance. In order from most to least likely upset …

1) Washington (5) 38.2% versus Indiana (1) 61.8%

Washington is in an ideal situation to upset Indiana. Indiana went seven grueling games against Atlanta (8) in round 1, when Washington was able to rest up after an easy win over Chicago (4).

2) LA Clippers (3) 37.7% versus Oklahoma City (2) 62.3%

As the only 3 or 4 seed to advance, it is not surprising that the LA Clippers are reasonable competition for Oklahoma City.

3) Portland (5) 25.0% versus San Antonio (1) 75.0%

Despite their tight victory in seven games over Dallas (8), San Antonio is still heavily favored to overcome Portland.

4) Brooklyn (6) 17.7% versus Miami (2) 82.3%

Despite going 4-0 versus Miami in the regular season, the well-rested Miami is expected to take Brooklyn easily.