Welcome to the PredictWise Daily 20180625. My goal is to write Sundays through Thursdays, publish around 9 PM ET. It will be a short recap of what was most interesting that day. I will limit it to three bullet points. Today:

1) Republicans Sabotaging Market for Healthcare (and trying to make it unaffordable for people with preexisting conditions): Texas insurers came in today with premium hikes of 13.3%, 19.9%, and 33.8%. All three stated that the majority of the hike was due to the Republicans undermining the individual mandate. And now Republicans are using the end of the individual mandate as an excuse to sue to end protections for people with preexisting conditions. This will serve to both drive up costs, and the percentage of uninsured Americans, but no clear anyone will benefit (even insurance companies). It is your classic: lose-lose.

2) Trade Wars Claiming First Victims: American workers and consumers: Harley-Davidson announced they will move production out of the United States, in order to avoid new tariffs. Meanwhile, Americans starting to feel across-the-board increased pricing due to various trade wars. Again, no winners here. It is your classic: lose-lose.

3) Somehow Corruption Inside Trump Administration Just Gets Worse and Worse: Three different cabinet secretaries have been abusing their office for personal gain. We know this despite no Congressional oversight. Reminder that corruption is not just about undermining the rule of law, but it also leads to bad policies. Cabinet secretaries make a lot of decisions out of the public eye, and corrupt ones will use those regulations and deals no one focuses on, to take advantage of the American public. Undermining democracy and bad policy. It is your class: lose-lose.

Market Watch 20180625: Democrats 60 percent to take the House and Republicans 72 percent to hold the Senate outright and 14 percent to hold the Senate with 50/50 tie.