Welcome to the PredictWise Daily 20180705:

1) Trump administration is historic. Trump corruption is even worse. But, Democrats are not going to win on that: Scott Pruitt stepped down today from EPA after breaking records for breadth of corruption (if not depth) for a cabinet level leader. Price was forced out of HHS for corruption, Shulkin, VET, was accused of corruption before being fired, and Ross, COM & Zinke, INT are both crazy corrupt. More scary President Trump’ company took at $500 million loan from China right before he began to fight for Chinese company to have access to spy on American electronics. And, Jared Kushner’s company had a fight with Qatar right before the US backed a blockade of their country. Corruption undermines our democracy, but it also leads to be bad policy. Still Americans assume all politicians are corrupt and corruption is helpful or fun, like Huey Long or Al Capone.

Also this resignation letter is insane: Pruitt worked for US, not an absolute monarchy.

2) Republicans step up their war on legal immigrants. US Army is kicking out immigrants who volunteered to serve for a path towards citizenship. They are planning to challenge citizenship of naturalized citizens. Make no mistake, Republicans are trying to make life uncomfortable for anyone not born here: undocumented, legal, or naturalized citizen.

Democratic Healthcare Plan (let anyone buy Medicare, at  reasonable rate) is a sharp contrast with the Republican Healthcare Plan (make healthcare unaffordable for people with preexisting conditions and sabotage the market for everyone else). Nothing new about this today, but it remains the top public policy issue of the upcoming 2018 election. Earlier PredictWise article: Messaging Healthcare. I am going to add this every day, between now and the election, even when there is no knew news on this, because it should be repeated every day.

Market Watch 20180705: Democrats 60 percent to take the House and Republicans 73 percent to hold the Senate outright and 15 percent to hold the Senate with 50/50 tie.