Since the 2016 election, we at PredictWise have worked on a serious relaunch of PredictWise 2.0, also known as the PredictWise Public Opinion Engine – in stealth, reflecting the new political reality we face today. Here is the short of it:

Our engine turns state-of-the-art behavioral data + polling + analytics into uniquely fast, accurate, detailed and more actionable projections of psycho-graphics, public opinion, the horse race in 435 Congressional Districts, and economic confidence. It allows progressive organizations, campaigns, and influencers to filter more than 20,000 different demographic breakdowns for each question into meaningful visualizations, custmomizable data downloads and visualization generations. Sign up for the Beta Version here; the full paid-access site will be launching in the Spring of 2018.

Up to date, State-of -the art analytics

What’s more: We are conmtinously dipping the termometer to measure America’s pulse, refreshing this data warehouse each month with more than 25,000 data points, tracking more than 200 indicators ranging from psychometrics such as authoritarianism or compassion to economic indicators such as consumer confidence to beliefs on political issues such as gun control. The modeling behind our projections stems from proprietary algorithms developed over the last 7 years, powering our successful prediction of the 2016 presidential election. In short: We rely on Bayesian latent variable modeling and a Big Data triangulation of a full updated voter file, proprietary financial data and Census data

Actionable Data, validated in our Partnership with TargetSmart

The data will be a valuable addition to market intelligence in the progressive ecosystemt. Specifically, the PredictWise data  can serve as a baseline for advertising, canvassing, and fundraising for progressive organizations. It provides: Talking points for progressive messaging, targets and continuous effectiveness tracking for canvassing on behalf of progressive causes, targets and continuous effectiveness tracking for digital advertising, starting today: PredictWise will provide scores for 19 different psychometric and issue preference clusters for all 250,000,000 eligible voters, to be rolled out by TargetSmart today, the leading voter file company in the progressive eco system, as part of the full voter file. According to Tom Bonier, CEO of TargetSmart: “PredictWise’s psychometric and issue preference models provide an abundance of new data points to our customers and make the perfect addition to the most accurate and up-to- date voter file data in the United States. We are particularly excited that PredictWise psychometric scores are the product of cutting-edge research and already have been validated in predicting electoral outcomes.” Our data validations show, for example, that pyschometric scores on racial resentment predicted counties swinging left.  Detailed Release notes (see here and here for released notes), more info, sign ups coming soon!