Results of a poll that was run by PredictWise with Pollfish on April 4, 2017.

Republicans demand increased spending on national defense and Democrats slightly opposed, but many support.


Republicans heavily support warming relations with Russia, increasing threat to China, and loosening commitment to NATO. This is a clear case of the population updating their policy preferences to their elites (e.g., Trump). Two years ago most Republicans would have been super against warming relations with Russia and very strongly for NATO.


65 percent of Republicans support the US holding terrorism suspects indefinitely without trial. Only 32 percent of Democrats. To be clear, that was “indefinitely without trial” in the question.


Most people are against registering religious affiliations of citizens. But, 60 percent of Republicans support extra surveillance of Muslim community centers and mosques. We asked the same question of Jew and 39 percent of Republicans and 31 percent of Democrats (roughly the same for Jews and Muslims) support extra surveillance of Jewish community centers and synagogues.


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The PredictWise and Pollfish survey received responses from 1,200 people on April 4 through online and in-app polling methods. We do not report margin of error because we do not believe it can be accurately estimated.

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