10:35 PM ET: Trump left and the lights are up; but, Gingrich is just all over the place in this speech … really hard for crowd to get in it

10:12 PM ET: Countries are not businesses or households. Countries print money, have armies, etc.

10:10 PM ET: Very confusing to talk about cutting deficits & cutting taxes in consecutive sentences … cannot cut taxes, build a wall, and close deficit

10:00 PM ET: wow. that was confusing. Trump popped in at the end of Cruz’ speech and people ignored/booed him as he ignored Trump … deliberate slight to Cruz by Trump? Slight to Trump by Cruz?

9:40 PM ET: Markets believed strongly that Trump (31% right now) is much stronger candidate than Ted Cruz #RNCinCLE @PredictWise

9:30 PM ET: Crowd not so into “black lives matter” & “LGBT lives matter”, but got going w/ “Veterans lives matter” & “Blue lives matter”

9:15 PM ET: Scott Walker is only person (of 16) to drop out of #GOP race with a non-negligible likelihood of victory. This must be tough #RNCinCLE

8:15 PM ET: Largest cheer of night so far for Laura Ingraham demanding the 16 GOP men who lost primary to support Donald Trump

8:10 PM ET: The go-to chant in the arena is “lock her up”; what ever happened to “USA USA USA”?

7:45 PM ET: Plenty of good seats still available (for loyal Trump supporters) #RNCinCLE pic.twitter.com/taV3g6oeMg

7:30 PM ET: Music is way too loud in arena. I would not even want a Springsteen concert to be this loud! On the plus side, the dancing is really cute.

7 PM ET: The arena is slowly filling up and I have taken a seat for the evening.

4 PM ET: I am live at the RNC tonight and tomorrow night. I will be blogging and Tweeting.