11:23 PM ET: biggest cheer of the night on appointing conservative justices #RNCinCLE

11:15 PM ET: Crowd is not really sure how to handle this linty of details on trade deals.

11:09 PM ET: So far plans include stopping immigration from countries where terrorism exists and building a wall. He will add in trade protectionism now.

11:00 PM ET: Crowd did not get the significance of Trump adding in some praise of NATO … apparently, they do not read the New York Times.

10:47 PM ET: Crowd booed reference to Bernie Sanders. They did not get he was appealing to his voters. #RNCinCLE

10:44 PM ET: She is yelling build bridges not walls … right in front of me!

10:34 PM ET: “Lock Her Up” “Lock Her Up” finally something for crowd to cheer about. Hard to cheer a linty of death and ruin #RNCinCLE

10:32 PM ET: There is a palpable tension and fear in the room as Trump moves from crime to immigrants to economic disasters #RNCinCLE

10:30 PM ET: Crowd standing in scared reverence of this terrible picture of crime and immigrants (w/ boos), except for breaking into “Build the Wall”

10:25 PM ET: this speech is the same as the one leaked this afternoon. it contains the same questionable crime statistics. crime is down.

10:15 PM ET: By far best 2020 presidential speech so far! Seriously, really nothing in the speech say Republican. Ivanka basically sounds like a Democrat.

10:07 PM ET: Genuinely surprised that the Trump campaign has not dragged out any of these people he anonymously gives charity and jobs.

9:52 PM ET: After all of those debates, late election nights, and tense Twitter exchanges we are finally at Trump’s convention speech. Wow.

9:42 PM ET: Tom Barrack is giving the most personal speech of the entire convention. Which is odd when 3 of his kids (and wife) have already spoke.

9:40 PM ET: Agree. This is the best speech ever if he is giving Trump away at a wedding … crowd having trouble w/ energy … twitter.com/chrislhayes/st…

9:35 PM ET: Screen in front of Tom Barrack just says “7 min” … crowd nervously anticipating 7 minutes of positive about Trump w/o any neg of Hillary

9:30 PM ET: Crowd is cheering Peter Thiel on things that the GOP platform is specifically against. He wants us to pull back on wars and culture wars. Peter Thiel mostly flat. Real big cheers w/ random shots at Clinton. Seemed rushed and confused; crowd did not really follow him.

9:15 PM ET: Excited for Peter Thiel … big wild card; may make convincing libertarian case for Trump or could be Clinton Eastwood II

9:10 PM ET: There has been a lot of talk about Clinton/Obama abandoning Israel w/ Iran Deal. But, little about securing our allies in NATO #RNCinCLE

8:30 PM ET: #RNCinCLE has been on point in including “Make America One Again” in speeches, but not in substance.

8:21 PM ET: Polling data finally makes it onto main stage @ #RNCinCLE. Specific mention of polling company w/ @CNN saying 1% chance Trump wins primary.

8:20 PM ET: Assuming Trump did not mean to leak speech. Much more powerful when media rebuts fact in speech in real-time than even minutes later.

8:15 PM ET: Were they showing that on cable?!? Pastor Mark Burns just rocked the room and Fran Tarkenton did some nice ad-lib about it …

8:10 PM ET: Pastor Mark Burns “All Live Matter!” “All Lives Matter!” Crowd is now chanting hard. Not as excited about his pivot to urban revitalization.

7:55 PM ET: Jerry Falwell Jr. is speaking about making it legal for churches to be politically active. Does not have his father’s charisma …

7:40 PM ET: Trump’s speech has been leaked vox.com/2016/7/21/1225… it paints a bleak picture of America and quick turnaround on 1/20/17!

7:20 PM ET: the convention is back in session! I will be here until the final gavel.

4:30 PM ET: the stage is getting set for the final night of the RNC. Will Trump deliver the speech he needs to keep this competitive? Will the crowd cooperate? A lot of tension and expectation. I will be blogging live here and on my Twitter account.