In a bid to limit protests, President Trump’s October visit to the United Kingdom is going to be moved from England to Scotland. Which begs the question: what do the people of Scotland think of Trump, well known there as a developer of golf courses (and builder of walls) before he became President of the United States. As J. K. Rowling noted earlier last week, Trump claimed a 93% approval rating in Scotland in January of 2013. Rowling quipped that if that ever became true, should would “buy him a unicorn”. Rowling can wait on the unicorn shopping, Trump’s presidential approval among Scots is just 14 percent, just below approval as a Scottish golf course owner (16 percent).

Poll was run by PredictWise with Pollfish on March 1-4, 2017.

Trump has a low net general favorability among the Scots of -50 (12 percent favorable – 62 percent unfavorable). Among people, places, and companies we have polled recently from Americans this is slightly better than North Korea and slightly worse than Iran. For comparison, Rowing is at +45, which is extremely strong.


Trump has a low approval of both the job he is doing as president of the United States and as an owner of Scottish golf courses. As US president, he has 14 percent approval and 60 percent disapproval. As golf course owner, he has 16 percent approval and 42 percent disapproval. For comparison, Rowling has 75 percent approval as writer (and just 5 percent disapproval).


While polling Scots’ opinion on Trump, we asked a few questions about the ongoing Brexit saga. Despite it being highly unlikely that the process stops now, 64 percent want the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union. Scots are split on what Scotland should do if the UK leaves: 52 percent believe they should stick with the UK, while 48 percent would cut ties.

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The PredictWise and Pollfish survey received responses from 400 people on March 1-4 through online and in-app polling methods. We do not report margin of error because we do not believe it can be accurately estimated.

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