Welcome to 2016! The Republican primary was reasonably quiet again this week, as we finally entered the actual year of 2016. Polling front-runner Donald Trump continued to vow that he would invest more money into television advertisement. Market front-runner Marco Rubio managed to stay out of the news for another week. Look for serious movement starting this upcoming week as we learn more about candidates ability to translate support into votes.


Vertical Lines: Nothing interesting this week!
Sources: Betfair, Hypermind, PredictIt, http://twopointoh.predictwise.com/politics/2016-president-republican-nomination/

If you are interested in the Democratic nomination, here is the link: http://twopointoh.predictwise.com/politics/2016-president-democratic-nomination/. Clinton is going to win, but she is only down to 92% on the strength of Bernie Sanders’ strong fundraising and his strength in New Hampshire.