We ran a quick/fun PredictWise/Pollfish today on the Super Bowl next weekend: many more Americans will be rooting for Atlanta than New England, but they think New England is going to win. And, while both Trump and Clinton voters are united in leaning towards Atlanta, Atlanta has much stronger support from Trump voters.

Most Americans will watch the Super Bowl with 87 percent either definitely or maybe watching, just 5 percent definitely not. Trump voters are more likely to definitely watch the Super Bowl: 68 percent to 60 percent of Clinton voters.

Watching the Super Bowl 62 percent will be rooting for Atlanta. 65 percent of Trump voters will root for Atlanta, but just 56 percent of Clinton voters. This makes sense with the geographic divide of red and blue states.

But, 52 percent of Americans think New England will win, including 52 percent of Clinton voters and 54 percent of Trump voters. This makes sense with the betting markets giving New England a slim 59 percent likelihood of winning.

There is strong support for the fundamentals of New England with the quarterback Brady and coach Belichick both considered better than their Atlanta counterparts; this may explain Atlanta supporters thinking New England will win. 62 percent of people think Belichick is better than Quinn and the exact same think Brady is better than Ryan.

Favorite Super Bowl food: left, right, and center it is wings! 33 percent of Americans chose wings and 22 percent pizza. Chips and dip came in third with 17 percent and 14 percent for nachos.

Surprisingly, 59 percent said they enjoy both the game and commercials with just 21 percent all about the game. Only 15 percent are all about the commercials with the rest dragged to watch the Super Bowl. This does have a large gender divide, 21 percent of women all about the commercials (to just 10 percent of men).

Stay tuned for a snap poll after the Super Bowl about both the game and commercials.