Newest PredictWise/Pollfish Polls: Women are affected differently than men when it comes to child-bearing. Not only do they, by definition, actually bear the children, but they are disproportionally responsible for the raising children. We examine the public’s support for policies that cover child-bearing, from inception to daycare and see a lot more agreement than disagreement.

Should the US teach abstinence only education in schools? On this question, voters are evenly divided on the topic of teaching abstinence only education, which means limited to no teaching of birth control. Of all voters 45 percent support and 43 percent oppose. Clinton voters are 39 percent for and 52 percent against, while Trump voters are 57 percent for and 29 percent against.

How do you feel about abortion being legal after 20 weeks? Voters are not keen on the legalized abortion at this later date. Only 24 percent support with 69 percent opposed. In contrast, there is overwhelming support for legalized abortion in cases of rape and incest, or in the first trimester. Abortion support is very susceptible to the details of the question.

Do you expect abortion to still be legal in all 50 states by end of Trump’s first term? Voters are split 50 percent yes and 50 percent no. Ultimately this is not up to Trump, but the Supreme Court that will be at least five Republican to four Democrats by the end of Trump’s first term.


Uncertainty for abortion rights as Republicans solidify control of Supreme Court

Planned Parenthood offers many services from cancer screening to birth control to prenatal services, and, of course, abortions. And, while the federal government does not subsidize abortion directly, it does provide money to Planned Parenthood for other services and 62 percent to 32 percent of voters believe that Planned Parenthood should receive federal funding. This is just 37 of Trump supporters, but 85 percent of Clinton supporters.


Clinton voters support for Planned Parenthood swamps Trump voter concern.

How do you feel about government regulation mandating maternity leave? 58 percent support, including 66 percent of Clinton voters and 56 percent of Trump voters.

How do you feel about government regulation mandating leave to care for sick family members? Even more support with 66 percent support; 73 percent among Clinton voters and 60 percent among Trump voters.

Should the US expand subsidies for daycare? 74 percent support! With 85 percent among Clinton voters and 68 percent among Trump voters.


There is overwhelming support for both regulations and subsidize to ease the burden of raising a young child. This runs from maternity leave to daycare to family-leave.

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