I am very accustom to people tweeting antisemitic things to me. From direct death threats referencing the Holocaust to casual references to power, money, banking. As this is not very interesting, I generally just block antisemites (if I see it) and move onward. But, I was a bit surprised to be trolled by Wikileaks, dropping a very antisemitic ad hominem attack on me.

I noted, “Russian cut-out, @wikileaks, not news organizations [sic] simply because it publishes things. Actual news orgs would be held libel if they participated in the theft of documents, but not dissemination. Key difference: they would verify authenticity and protect personally identify info.” Basically, Wikileaks is trafficking stolen documents for the Kremlin, which is very different than reporting in two key ways. First, they are possibly involved in the theft, not just dissemination. Second, they make no attempt to be correct, or shield the privacy of individuals who may be incidentally in the documents.

Wikileaks responded, “WikiLeaks is the international domain expert in document verification and neither Trump nor Obama officials suggest WikiLeaks is a “cut out”. Perhaps you’re upset about our repeated exposures of the Economist?” So, at this point, I was just confused, why should I care about Wikileaks attacking the Economist? Turns out they were attacking the Rothschild Bank (of which I have no connection, other than a shared last name), and their take-down was all about an international conspiracy by a Lynn de Rothschild (no relation to me) to control media and the Democratic party.

I responded, “Hey @wikileaks if you are “international domain expert in document verification” you should also know that I am not related to a Lynn de Rothschild, have no idea what your deal with the Economist is, but assume all of this is some antisemetic troll about about Jews and bankers.” Basically, they were sad I called them a Russian cut-out, so they responded that since my last name is Rothschild and I am Jewish, I must control the media. Wrong, classy, and shockingly antisemetic. Anyway, there you have it, Wikileaks, with 5.6 million followers, formerly a bastion of truth and justice, now just an antisemitic Russian troll.