Today’s Games: Two of the four top teams are playing today with Germany 74% playing Ghana 9% with just 17% to draw in the USA’s group G. Germany opened strong against Portugal and a good win here would cement them as the best team in the tournament (Brazil is the favorite due to home turf, not being the best team). In group F action Argentina 86% is up against Iran 4% with 10% to draw. This is the most lopsided game we have seen all tournament. Finally, Bosnia 52% takes on Nigeria 22% with 26% to draw. The winner of this game would be in the driver’s seat for the second spot in group F.

Yesterday’s Games: England was eliminated with Cost Rica’s victory over Italy yesterday. Costa Rica is the surprise of the tournament so far. They are just 1% likely to win, but that is much more than when the World Cup started!

Overall View: France looked sharp in dismantling Switzerland, cementing them as the 4th most likely team to win behind: Brazil, Germany, and Argentina.

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