Today’s Games: Groups C and D play their final games today. The action opens with group D as England 55% hopes to provide some comfort for their early exit against the surprising Costa Rica 20% squad (with 25% for a draw). Italy 39% versus Uruguay 34% with 27% to draw is the more interesting match for the group. Costa Rica is through to the round of 16 with 6 points and Italy and Uruguay are tied with 3 points. So whoever wins is through and a draw would go to goal differential which Italy will win, as they are at 0 and Uruguay is at -1. Hence, Italy is 66% to advance and Uruguay is 34%. Group C plays next with Japan 25% against Colombia 50% with 25% to draw. And, Greece 23% against Ivory Cost 51% with 26% to draw. Colombia is through with 6 points. Ivory Coast has 3 points to Japan and Greece’s 1 point. Ivory Coast advances with a win or draw, if Japan loses or draws Colombia. Greece advances with a win if Japan loses against Colombia. Japan needs to win and Ivory Coast lose to have a real shot of advancing.

Yesterday’s Games: Mexico looked strong against Croatia for the second spot in group A. And the Netherlands looks strong against Chile in securing the top spot in group B.

Overall View: Not much movement up top today with none of the major favorites playing.

Updating Predictions: likelihood of any game and likelihood of any team reaching any round. Details on method and full coverage.