Today’s Games: USA! USA! USA! The hometown team takes the pitch for the first of their three group G matches today against their longtime rival Ghana. The USA enters the match as a slight underdog at 32% to win, Ghana 40%, and 28% for a draw. The winner of this match will have a very legitimate likelihood of advancing, needing just a draw (in expectation) in one of their two other matches. The other group G teams are Portugal 24% against Germany 50% with 26% for a draw. Group F’s other match is Iran 21% against Nigeria 51% with 28% for that elusive first draw of the World Cup. The winner of the Iran and Nigeria match will be in good shape to advance from a weak group F.

Yesterday’s Games: No surprises yesterday with Switzerland winning the tight game against Ecuador. France and Argentina both won as expected (although Argentina was not exactly overwhelming with their 2-1 victory).

Overall View: Not much movement on the likely winner of the tournament.

Updating Predictions: likelihood of any game and likelihood of any team reaching any round. Details on method and full coverage.