Today’s Games: The predictions are in for a pretty boring Tuesday; but there is always hope for a surprise, that is why they play the games! The final group, group H, plays today with Belgium 74% heavy favorites over Algeria 8% with 18% to draw. And, Russia 53% is a strong favorite over South Korea 20% with 27% to draw. Brazil 74% plays its second round robin match against Mexico 9% with 17% to draw. With just one draw in the first 14 games my bold prediction is not for an upset, but for a draw!

Yesterday’s Games: Yesterday was an exciting day for USA and group G! With Portugal losing 4-0 to Germany and the USA winning 2-1 against Ghana, USA is now in the driver’s seat for the second spot in group G. Germany is a virtual lock to advance. USA needs to either win one of their two other games, tie both of their two other games, or tie Portugal to guarantee advancing. A tie against Germany gives them just over 50% to advance.

Overall View: Germany looked very strong yesterday and guaranteed themselves advancement from a difficult group. They are a few percentage points more likely to win the tournament than they were on Monday morning.

Updating Predictions: likelihood of any game and likelihood of any team reaching any round. Details on method and full coverage.