Today’s Games: England 48% has its win or go home game today against Uruguay 26%. The likelihood of a draw stands at 26%, but England really needs a victory. Italy 64% faces Costa Rica 13% with 23% to draw tomorrow. If England does not win today, then Costa Rica will have the momentum and drive for tomorrow’s game, but if England wins, their fate will really back in their own hands. Over in group C, Colombia 48% versus Ivory Coast 25% with 27% to draw should be a good game between the two likely winners of the group. Greece 29% and Japan 43%, with 28% to draw, battle it out in the other game.

Yesterday’s Games: Spain was eliminated as Chile and the Netherlands advanced from group B. Croatia crushed Cameroon, setting up an interesting situation in group A. Croatia has 3 points and Mexico has 4 point going into their final game where Croatia is 40% to win and Mexico is 60% to either win or draw.

Overall View: It is absolutely no surprise that Germany and the Netherlands picked up what was left of Spain’s likelihood to win the World Cup.

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