Today’s Games: England’s small chance of making to the round of sixteen hangs in the balance of today’s Italy 63% versus Costa Rica 14% game (with 23% to draw). All three teams in group D, which are not England, have 3 points and England has 0 points. A tie would eliminate England, as two teams would reach 4 points. Their best hope is a victory by Italy that would leave Italy secure and Uruguay and Costa Rica with 3 points each. Then, a big English victory over Costa Rica and an Italy victory over Uruguay could get them into the next round. The other two games are in group E with Switzerland 21% against France 52% with 27% to draw. And, Honduras 17% against Ecuador at 59% with 24% to draw. France and Switzerland are heavy favorites to advance.

Yesterday’s Games: Colombia’s victory secured it a spot in the round of sixteen and the Ivory Coast, despite its loss, is in a good position for the other spot in group C. Ivory Coast has 3 points, to 1 point for Japan and Greece, and finishes the round robin with a match against Greece. England’s loss put them in a tight spot as they watch today’s match between Italy and Costa Rica.

Overall View: Not much change at the top yesterday. Confidence in Germany continues to grow and everyone is waiting on Argentina’s second match against Nigeria to see how good they really are!

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