President Trump is corrupt. Trump Organization is a basically a money laundering scheme, and Trump’s lawyer/fixer (Michael Cohen) and Campaign Chair (Paul Manafort) are both guilty felons for various tax and financial crimes. So lets talk about why a corrupt president is so bad: (1) Corrupt person is easily susceptible to Blackmail (2) Corruption begets More Corruption (3) Corruption leads to Bad Policy.

(1) Blackmail: As Adam Davidson (@adamdavidson) & David Fahrenthold (@Fahrenthold) have reported so well, Trump’s business did a bunch of white collar crime. These intrepid reporters found that out without subpoenas. And everyone who committed or knows about those crimes holds power over the President: Including, extremely likely, Russia. Consequently, a signification portion of Trump 2020 budget going to either the Trump Organization (through hotel rentals, etc.) or hush money for various people who know Trump Organization and/or President Trump committed serious crimes. Any of them (like Russia) could also demand their payment in policy (like undermining NATO & EU/US trade). Corrupt people are compromised.

(2) Corruption Begets Corruption: Four members of Trump’s cabinet have committed serious financial crimes (Price & Pruitt gone, Zinke & Ross still there!). The boss needs to treat corruption as no big deal, so his subordinates do too. DeVos has a Cayman-registered yacht to commit tax fraud… but I do not count her, because it seems so minor now. Remember when Zoe Baird was blocked as Attorney General under Clinton for not paying taxes on nanny: now we do not even blink at Cayman Yachts. Corruption Begets Corruption.

(3) Bad Policy: many times policy can help many a little (big total gain) or help a few people a lot (big total loss). Example: selling public land for drilling or letting someone pollute a lot. Corrupt officials, like Zinke, want to make the few very happy at expensive of many. Corruption leads to policies that help few, at expensive of many, because a few happy people are good for corruption, but masses cannot be bought as easily. Corruption hurts every American through compromised officials to bad policy. And Republican POTUS Trump is corrupt to bone.

Care about corruption because it undermines our democracy. But, it also affects every American.